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Qualified Consulting Ltd offers a variety of services in B2B Software Development sphere. We offer full development cycle process for your idea or product. We provide specifications and requirements development.
As a partner we offer you several options for cooperation:

Dedicated engineer

It means that we only recruit IT professionals with the highest level of expertise to deliver the best services and meet client`s goals/expectations. After the candidate is approved by the client, he/she is offered a place in our office along with additional training if required. This approach proved to be the most effective in cases where the client is looking for a professional to start immediate work on the project.

Two financing options for the client:
  • We manage all of the finances directly with the employee. It means that we agree on a specific remuneration with the client and we will be happy to take care of all the related management tasks on the project i.e., quality checks, salary reviews etc.

  • All of the financial activities are managed by the client with the employee (salary, vacation, bonuses). In this case we will charge the client with the monthly fee. This fee will cover comfortable working facilities, PC with the all the necessary software programs, stationaries, trainings, English classes, gym, pool, etc

Professional Services

The client offers us to join the project, and in turn we provide him/her with a quote and an estimate of time required for completion of the project. In this scenario the client does not have to participate in the recruitment process of the employee. It is our responsibility to allocate all the necessary resources to complete the project on time.

Two possible options for Professional services:
  • Fixed-price
    In case if the client has all the necessary calculations for the estimates and project specifications, and these requirements remain unchanged until its completion, it may be possible to calculate all the price estimates for the project and to work through the fixed-price scheme. In this case we would require the client to provide us with all the input necessary. This model puts a lock on the functionality, and if the customer wishes to change his/her mind regarding some significant details, that is managed through change requests which are billed separately. Of course that does not imply to minor things like changing title of the label ;) We are reasonable people and some minor changes could be squizzed into fixed-price. However sometimes the end product differs pretty much from what was initially agreed. That's why we need a specification if you want it to be a fixed price. If you really are sure about what you need, and do not expect changes during the development phase, than fixed-price is a good option. If you want us to prepare functional specification and prototype, we provide a prestudy services. The outcome of the prestudy is three documents: Prototype with design as an appendix, Functional specification, and Project plan with the costs. If you decide to run the project with us, than you will receive the prestudy free of charge.
  • Time & Material
    Agile-project. Pay by an hour. In this case we allocate resources needed for the project and we complete the project according to the iterations as we normally do in Scrum. In this model client has a flexibility to change everything after each completed iteration. In a situation where it is not be possible to provide us with all the detailed requirements or there is a chance that these requirements could change during the development process, we would suggest to work on the TIme & Material basis. This approach proves to be effective in cases where a client needs flexibility in the development process. The hourly rate varies from $25 to $50 per engineer per hour.


Qualified Consulting Ltd is an expert in, but not limited to, Microsoft .Net technology. New technologies is also not a problem for us, - if you are looking for the best professional engineers with the specific skills and qualifications needed, we offer a good value for your money – you can count on us and we would be happy to deliver the best services on the market!

.NET Core
Web programming
Microsoft Azure
SQL server
Mongo DB
Apache Kafka

Our Portfolio



Creative Author and Social Networks Manager

Qualified Consulting welcomes a talented author and social networks manager to join our team in Lviv, Ukraine. Flexible schedule. No need to work eight hours, if you can deliver sooner. If you love and actively use instagram, you will like this job. If you write your own blog, you will also love this job.


  • Excellent English
  • Degree in Linguistics, Law, International Relations or any other sphere that helped you to make your English excellent (students can apply)
  • Good understanding of what style and fashion means. Desire to write about style, popular trends, fashion apps.
  • Active in Social Networks
  • Passionate about Technology. No need to know HTML and JavaScript........at least for this stage ;-D. Anyhow since we are an IT company, you will have to learn business domain and understand an IT business a little better.


  • International Experience is a major plus
  • Active on Instagram
  • Active on Facebook
  • Own blog
Please send us something if you are interested to: info@qualified-consult.com

Middle .NET Software Developer


  • 2+ years of experience
  • Knowledge of .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Entity Framework, MSSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Strong knowledge of OOP
  • Dependency Injection
  • Intermediate English
  • Source version control
  • Agile Scrum


  • Test-driven development
  • Experience with AspDotNetStorefront, NopCommerce
  • MVVM
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
Please send us something if you are interested to: info@qualified-consult.com

Junior .NET Software Developer


  • Knowledge of C#, SQL
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Understanding of OOP
  • Technical English
  • Problem solving skills, ability to learn quickly


  • Experience with LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, WPF
  • Source version control
  • Own project for demonstrating your skills
Please send us something if you are interested to: info@qualified-consult.com

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